Monday, June 1, 2009

People at the Market

When I'm at the market, it is often the people that capture my attention, and today and yersterday were no exception. However, this time I was trying to take a picture of the street scene and she began to make fun of me with this pose. I asked her to repeat it and she did. Anyway, I got lucky. I think its a better shot than the street scene, n'est pas?
This gentleman was at the Mirepoix market this morning and I found his cuddly dog, stylish trousers and magenta shirt too good to pass up. Nancy often reminds me that I am not a good example of sartorial elegance either so I'll pass this photo along with no disparaging comment about whether he's twenty years behind the current fashion, or he's on the cutting edge.

This young lady was at the Esperaza market yesterday. She played the squeeze box while her boyfriend played the guitar. They had a nice sound together and she was "tres belle". Her partner had a mullet so he didn't get to be in the picture.

This gentleman was one of the booksellers this morning in Mirepoix. I asked if I could take his picture because I liked his hat. He was not excited, but grudgingly said "Oui" anyway. He wouldn't look at me and made a point of not smiling. At first glance, I thought the hat was a bad wig, but was just a bad hat. He had a recent gash on his arm that I didn't notice until I was done. Perhaps that was the cause of his bad mood. Remember kids, click on em' to enlarge em'.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back in Leran! Also glad you found your purse Nancy! Now you just have to wait for the new credit cards to arrive...if they haven't already.

Have a wonderful summer!


Peggy said...

It looks like the bookseller's face was also part of what hit the pavement in that accident that skinned up his arm. Maybe the hat covers further injuries!