Sunday, May 31, 2009

Quiz Night at the Bar

We moseyed over to the bar on Friday night, still deep in the throes of jet lag and found "Quiz Night" taking place. The idea is to foster Leranian Anglo-French relations by holding a dinner at which a series of questions are posed. Teams of four sat at their tables and most of them seemed to have some sort of libation in hand. The questions are asked in French and English, alternately. The questions themselves were from the six categories that you can see here on the scoresheet that was tacked onto a tree at the bar a day later. And finally, the questions were on neutral subjects. For instance, there were no questions on cricket to stump the French, and no questions about guilliotines to stump the English, Australians or Canadians. You get the idea.

In my pictures you can see the Master of Ceremonies, Marek, patiently instructing a participant on the rules. You can see Roz, Ian, David and John thinking very hard. You can almost smell the smoke. The fourth place team, composed of the Aussies and Cannucks, are laughing riotously at a witticism

We were too beat to compete, but we did try to help on the Geography section by looking at the flags and trying to name the countries. As it turned out, Marek was feindishly clever and displayed the flags in alphabetical order. Austria was not among them but almost every team wrote it down. Afghanistan, Andorra, Albania and American Samoa were there, I think. The Ariege flag was there and almost no one got that one. It was a tough quiz, folks.

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Anonymous said...

That looks like fun, i hope they do it again so you can show your talents, Doug. He started reading the World Book Encyclopedia when our family first got the set, he started with A and proceeded to Zed, at least that's the story our dad liked to tell. When my kids were younger and we had no google whenever a question came up that we couldn't answer we said, "Let's call Uncle Doug". He usually knew the answer.

Fondly, ta vielle soeur, Leslie