Saturday, May 26, 2012

We Wrote The Book

If you have been wondering what we've been doing since our last post back just before Christmas, we've been writing a book.  It's about the process of building a log cabin.  It is not a book on how to build a log cabin, it is about the journey "of a forty-something couple pursuing their dream."


From the Introduction:

One Log at a Time covers roughly fourteen years, from 1993 to 2007, from the April day we fist set foot on our snow-covered land, through the day, with horribly mixed emotions, we sold our beloved cabin, and the genesis of our next adventure.  Our journey embodies the inspiration, perseverance, sweat, trial-and-error, humor, and satisfaction that comes from doing something on our own.  It was a journey that we look back on with great affection, and one that changed our lives.

I can tell you that writing a book is a all-consuming task.  It would have been even more difficult if we'd had to do research on a subject that we were unfamiliar with, or pull ideas from the caverns of our minds.  Luckily, we only needed to dredge up the sequence of events and put it down on paper.  We made an outline on January 1, 2012, and on January 2, we started to write.  For me anyway, the words fairly flowed onto the page, after all, it was our life.  It was the editing that was brutal.  We had the help of friends who read the manuscript and made corrections and comments, and to them I give our thanks.

Actually, as I look back on that project, I am more and more amazed at what we went through,  I certainly can't imagine living in a tipi, working like a dog, and cooking on a campfire nowdays. I'm glad we did it then. It was the perfect storm of looking for adventure, having accumulated the skill set through the years, having enough money to buy the land and start the process, and still being young enough to pull it off. Rather remarkable if I do say so myself.

We hope you'll go to and consider buying a book.  Here is the link, and thank you.