Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Man, I Wish I'd Had a Camera

This morning about 8:30, as I was taking Fergus for his second walk of the day, we had an encounter with a sanglier. It was young and probably not dangerous, but since it was our first sighting, we were excited.

We were standing at the crossroads past the chateau. I was looking at the newly mown hayfield in one direction thinking what a nice picture it would make, and Fergus was staring at the young sanglier in the opposite direction. I turned around and he was perhaps a 100 feet away, with his hind end still in the wheat field. I watched for a moment and so did Fergus. I was about to put a leash back on Fergus when he walked over to investigate. Both their tails were wagging, and I think Fergus thought it was a dog. I'm guessing the sanglier was 100 pounds, and bigger and taller than Fergus. They walked toward each other for little while, and then I think one of them got scared and took off and the other did likewise. Perhaps Fergus caught his scent and realized it was no dog.

It was my first sanglier sighting in France. They are the same animal known in other parts of the world as a warthog or a javellena. Old boars can be dangerous but I don't think we were in any danger. I just wish I'd been carrying my camera.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad your meeting with young boar turned out "peacefully" for you and Fergus! I think I would have been a little apprehensive.

But I's too bad you didn't have a camera.