Monday, June 29, 2009

A Private Art Showing

My focus this past weekend at the vide greniers and brocantes has been ARTWORK. Anything to hang on the walls. Cover up the major faux pas. Thought I'd share a few of my eclectic finds....most have yet to be hung. I'm sure the theme is obvious.

Now that the space on the deuxieme etage is quickly approaching the 'ready for furniture' stage, it's time to fill up some of the blank spaces on the walls. The lime plastering/limewashing and drywalling/mudding/taping are behind me now. My arthritic finger joints, wrists and forearms can begin to recoup from the repetitive tasks of these jobs. We just finished laying the flooring, a wide plank tongue & groove pine, on Saturday. Sunday afternoon I started staining and sealing the flooring. From our perspective, it is an immense improvement over the day we first moved in. We'll dig up some of the original photos for comparison.


Anonymous said...

It's probably the primary colors...but I really liked the still life with the bowls of fruit. The other pieces seemed to reflect your interests and I like them...but the fruit just called out to me!

Enjoy! Luke

Peggy said...

Nancy - I loved all your new acquisitions and didn't get a chance to tell you. The "France-Route" sign is great in its new location with the big fruit bowl on the other wall. I love the story of the "S & O" sign. Keep up the good work at the vide greniers no matter what Doug says.