Monday, June 29, 2009

Research Needed on This One

Nancy bought this little sign at a Vide Grenier yesterday. The lady told her it was a sign for a now defunct department in the vicinity of Paris. Departments are the French version of states or counties. Administrative districts. I could find no reference to it on Google. Have you any information on what it might be? If so, help us out in the comments.

A Side Note: Doug published this post before I could tell him the whole story....When the lady asked me if I was 'English' and I told her 'American', her face lit up. She related the tale of her very American road trip when she was 20. They flew into Montreal, bought a van and headed out to tour the great USA---for an entire year! From the sounds of it, a near circumnavigation. This is a feat most Americans have never achieved. I asked her what was her favorite place and she responded "Yellowstone". Wise lady. Upon returning to Montreal, they sold the van and flew back to France. She said that her father told her to do this trip before she was 20 or it would never happen. Wise father.

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