Monday, June 29, 2009

Things I Can't Believe Nancy Passed Up at Vide Greniers

Two oxen yokes. We could have had a matched set on our wall. Why she passed up these is beyond me.

A nice cow skull. Very cowboyish. We could have sold it for a thousand dollars to a French tourist back in Moab.

Another stuffed badger. If she really had wanted one, she could have had this one. And it has teats. The poor critter was a nursing mother when it was dispatched.

She passed on this swell baby. The clothes alone were worth what the lady was asking for it.

The world's strangest lamp. There can be nothing more tasteless. I know some people back in the States who would appreciate it though. It makes me think of some kind of gruesome murder at the Moulon Rouge. Check out the swell toilet paper in the background.

A military school graduation picture. Each and every one of these items is a treasure. I keep thinking I could open a store in Chicago or New York and make a fortune on each one of these items. What do you think?

1 comment:

Montana Barb said...

Nice lamp! Definitely should have gone for that! Watch the movie "A Christmas Story" for one similar...
Do feel sorry for that poor mama badger, tho. Guess they are France's favorite varmint.