Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pictures from the Mirepoix Market

It was the annual antiques and flower day at the Mirepoix market. The brocante vendors and flower vendors displaced some of the regular vendors, who either took the day off or found other places to offer their wares.
These hams were on display at the Esperaza market on Sunday and I think they were at Mirepoix on Monday. If my family all comes a once, I think we might have to buy one. Ham sandwiches, deviled ham salad, ham and eggs, green eggs and ham.

This young lady was preparing something. I said "Paellea?" and she said "No. Something or other Asiatique". She had her onions and carrots all cut up and bagged in large plastic bags ready to plop into the sizzling hot oil. She was beginning the cooking process at about 8:00 am for the lunch trade. In other spots there were large cauldrons of paellea simmering away, but they too were far from being ready to eat. Nonetheless, when the breeze wafted aromas your way they were too many to categorize. Pastries, breads, paelleas and cheeses, sausages and bulk spices all added their fragrance to the air, not to mention a fair amount of cigarette smoke.

Notice that the sausage being offered here has meat from the "Ane" or donkey. Yum, yum. Nothing like good donkey meat to inspire a robust appetite. I'm sure the donkey makes fine sausage, but I will pass and look for the sausage made from piggies or bunnies or moo-cows. But not horsies and donkeys. No matter what, you have to love the Mirepoix market.

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OOOH, It is all so beautiful!Leslie