Friday, June 26, 2009

News Flash: Murphy's Law Still Operational

" No good deed goes unpunished," says the common wisdom and it was proven true. Anders and Roy came to seek my help this morning to get Roy's van out of a predicament. Roy had turned his van around in the dark last night and accidentally backed off the road and partially down a steep hill towards a creek. They wanted a four-wheel drive truck to help them out of the jam. We hooked up Old Smokey and gently eased the van further down the embankment until it high centered on the back bumper.
After we got it lowered down as far as it would go, I drove down below it to pull it from its perch. I thought that the back bumper, being augured into the ground, would cause us problems and not let go. But we hooked up old Smokey again and pulled her down a few feet till the van augured in again. I got closer and we shortened the cable because the back end of Smokey was getting too close to the creek. Bad move as it turned out. As we prepared to give it tug to get it the last little bit, I suggested to Roy that he might want to get in the van and apply the brakes to keep the van from smashing into Smokey. The suggestion was overruled by Monsieur Murphy. No one really thought it would budge, yet with a slight tug the van came down the final bit without a driver and smashed into Old Smokey.

We eventually got the van down on the flat ground, mostly unharmed.

But Smokey sustained a crumpled hood, dented bumper and some crushed plastic fake chrome. Well, it could be worse. It's only cosmetic. Roy says he'll get his insurance to fix Old Smokey up just like new. More later.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Old Smokey's injury. I hope he will be totally well in the very near future!