Thursday, June 4, 2009


This is the east wall of the third floor. It needs some work, obviously. It also represents the worst wall in the last part of the house to undergo renovation. This is easily the worst wall in the house. It is a mess really, small stones rather than rocks make up the wall. Columbage is a framework of wood filled in with rubble or earth and plastered over. Here we have other restoration to deal with, rotten timbers and rubble infill. Other walls, as you can see below, have had talented masons working them at some point in history. You can rest assured, when we are done, the wall will not look like that. But it will resemble the other walls that Nancy beautifully finished with lime plaster. And, once we are through with this last one third of the third floor, we are pretty much done.

What we have to do is this: stabilize the wall with concrete and give it a coat of lime plaster; coat the other two walls with lime plaster; finish the fourth wall with drywall and some electrical outlets; put down a wood floor and finish it.

We have about one month to do it before the visitors begin to arrive and we no longer have the time and inclination to finish.

So today we begin. And coincidentally, last night was the first night I haven't woken up at one or two in the morning with jet lag. Perhaps I can make it through the day without a nap.

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Anonymous said...

That is one ugly wall! I have total confidence in the two of you...I've learned things from you both that I didn't even know I needed to I know your talents will allow you to end up with one BEAUTIFUL" wall!

Take care! Luke