Thursday, June 18, 2009

From the Top of the Tower at Puivert

The top three pictures are by Nancy and the other four are by me. We watched the airport across the valley where glider flights were being towed into the sky. Both Nancy and I liked the field that was just beginning to sprout it's crop and enjoyed the colors of the emergent green shoots and brown dirt. The camera was unable to fully capture the full spectrum of the colors that we could see with our eyes, but oh well. Nancy got some good shots of the crumbling walls from above and a nice picture of the town of Puivert through the chateau window.


Anonymous said...

The chateau is impressive today because of the amount of stone, labor and engineering it represents. But just think of what it must have looked like when it was complete and sitting atop that marvelous defensive position and totally dominating the entire area! WOW!

Men can do such incredible things!


Bill Minckler said...

The colors look great on my computer after I enlarge the picture. Like others you guys have taken, they could almost pass for paintings.

Anonymous said...

It never fails to impress me what you manage to squeeze into your short time here...i lived within spitting distance fron the chateau at Puivert and here never been into it...your pics always capture the life and spirit of this region....keep it's an education!!