Sunday, June 14, 2009

Foraging for Finds

There it was, sandwiched between an array of lighting fixtures at one of the vide grenier tables: the mounted head of a sanglier. For a moment I felt compelled to buy it for Doug, after his sighting the other day. But, one furry critter in the house is enough. Besides, it would have scared the proverbial sh-t out of Fergus anyway.

However, I was truly tempted by the badger-planter unit, but somebody beat me to it.....thankfully. The vide greniers at Rieucross, Coutens and Dun were chock full of the usual exotic-to-me goodies, but touring with Doug is assurance that I don't buy the farm.

And the lucky buyer was so kind to pose with his prized possession, which I'm sure will have center stage in his living, rez-de-chaussee.

I didn't see anyone attempting negotiations on "Bronzo", but no one was taking the time to inspect just how anatomically correct he was.

And, I'm sorry, I just gotta wonder about people who have those little porcelain figure collections. I have always asked WHY?

A school woodworking project? A grandfather's gift to his grandson? A pencil-hauler wooden truck nevertheless. The blue and white pencils are individually carved and painted.

I'm wondering what would happen if all of the chemicals in these bottles somehow got mixed together.............KA-BOOM!!!

The handles and blades on these tools and others on the table were made for life. Tools so specialized, or for tasks now replaced by power equipment, or just tools I had no clue as to their purpose (most likely). An art form in themselves.

No pictures of baby clothes, DVDs, tupperware. Just history, memories, funk.

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Peggy said...

Nancy, maybe we can go to a few vide greniers when Kate and I are there. We were in Texas last weekend and I saw one of those hokey-but-true signs in a shop that said "Shopping with your husband is like hunting with the game warden."