Saturday, August 16, 2008

You Asked For It

Several people have asked for an update on the bathroom construction project. (Remember the old television show "YOU ASKED FOR IT"?) We are closing in on it. Nancy is working on the drywall on the exterior wall and I just built a enclosure around the staircase so no one would fall down the stairs in the dark of night. I have some pictures for you, but my lens will not allow me to show everything I want to show. I can't stand outside the room and show you the inside, (because I don't have an x-ray lens) so these photos leave something to the imagination. I should mention that the area outside the two new rooms is still a construction staging area and a little messy, but I think it will be the project for the next visit. It will require a mason to finish and repair the walls. And an electrician to give us a new circuit so we can have some lights in that space.
The old pictures are from February 2006 when we first looked at the house. The ceiling above us has been removed and the wood tongue & groove pine used on the floor in the bedroom, bathroom and hallway.
The first two pictures show the scene from the same approximate view. Look at the window; that's the same window with the shutters open and a new window in place. The second pair of photos show the other direction. The window right over my shoulder is now in the bedroom and also has the wooden shutter removed and a new window in place. In both new pictures you can see the stairway enclosure with some tools sitting on it. The other opening (the one with the gray insulation boards leaning up next to it) now has a nice set of new windows as well. (I hope all that makes sense to you.)
Now look at the bathroom photo. It shows the bathtub and long-awaited enclosure, Nancy's fine tiling job reflected in the bathroom mirror, and the sink and vanity. Trust me, it also has a toilet, you just can see a tiny bit, and a cabinet to match the vanity.
All that remains it for Nancy to paint the exterior walls, I will trim out the doors, and I think we're done. All that in only twice the estimated time of one month. Neither This Old House, nor Architectual Digest will honor us with awards, but the important thing is, we're ready for visitors.


Anonymous said...

Well, this critic would certainly give you awards. Accomplishing what you have is amazing, in French, in metric and with great style. Good job. It's fun to see the transformation. I still want to see more of your living space, what does your bedroom look like? did you keep those bookshelves? More, more... Leslie

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Gary and Rachel will appreciate the bed & bath facilities when they visit!

It seems we are splitting the family into the visitors you will see in Leran (Rachel and Gary)and Murz who I will see at our reunion. When they all get back to Arizona they will be "swapping stories"! I'm afraid Murz will be getting the "short end of stick" this time!

Rachel said...

All of the changes that you guys have completed look great! (I wish I knew how to do all of the stuff you guys do to refurbish a house--so far I know how to drive a nail and use different screw drivers but I definitely need some help!) I can't wait to see ta maison in person when we come next week. Very exciting! And I've already started packing. :) A bientot!