Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nico et Cecile

Some days you just never know what you'll encounter in the aisles of the Intermarche. And then, days later, you're still scratching your head. Doug finished up at BricoMarche next door and then waited in the parking lot for me to finish.

Suddenly a 20-something wave of young men in white T-shirts rushed through the door, cheering, jeering and prodding what appeared to be a rather large bunny rabbit. They swooped up and down the aisles en masse, picking up and rejecting various items.

Their T-shirts, had they been black, or had these young fellows been wearing stocking caps over their heads, might have presented them as threatening. Instead, everyone in the store played along. They were members of "Team Nanar", and the big event for Nico et Cecile is upcoming on 16/08/08 (next Samedi).

Monsieur Bunny finally selected two cans of 1664 beer, and Team Nanar headed for the queue. M. Bunny now had to bissou everyone in line. Exiting Intermarche, M. Bunny took serious pummerling from his friends and in frustration, shook the 1664 beer and sprayed his team mates. Doug, roving NorthofAndorra reporter, witnessed this part of the action, and heard M. Bunny being rebuked for his "faux pas". He was then punished by having to do 15 pushups.

Team Nanar loaded up M. Bunny into his "chaud lapin" (hot rabbit) cage on a trailer and hauled him off, in search of the next venue. Stag party, fraternity hazing, interesting marketing strategy for 1664 beer??? But we'll be on the lookout for Nico et Cecile next Saturday....somewhere, doing something.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Nico et Cecile are getting married next weekend and Nico is the groom being hazed by his groomsmen. Please find out what it is all about, I'm dying to know. Leslie