Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Picture is Worth Un Mille Mot

The other day at BricoMarche, we were out in the yard looking for galvanized metal roofing. We wanted a small piece to construct a cover for firewood out in the petit cour. There was no product code written anywhere that we could jot down, and we were pretty much at a loss to attempt to describe it to the cashier. It then occurred to me that I had my trusty little camera on hand. I showed the two photos to Veronique inside the store. She indicated in English that they were "very beautiful" and we proceed to purchase a piece of "plaque galva ondul".

As it turned out, the firewood holder grew to formidable dimensions, out of proportion for the petit cour. On the next foray to BricoMarche, Doug returned the plaque galva ondul to Veronique and receiving in return a Bon D'Avoir (credit). The photos have not lost their beauty.

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Aren't digital cameras great? -Anna