Sunday, August 31, 2008

0.1% of Rachel's Photos

As I browsed through the hundreds of photos that Rachel has already taken, I had a hard time narrowing it down to a few. They are all so good. She has a superb eye. So, we'll have to include her travelogue in installments.

Turquoise blue shutters in the mountain village of Montsegur, probably some of the most vivid shutters I've ever seen. Not sure if they had to get Planning Permission or not. The row of village houses perched above the rock ledge and beneath the rock face is also Montsegur. It is a charming village that sits below the massive Montsegur Cathar castle, where 210 "bonhommes" were burned to death by the Crusade on March 16, 1244.

Exploring French groceries are a true tourist experience, especially the toilet paper aisle.

Friday was the final Marche Nocture Leran, so we couldn't attend without Gary and Rachel. We were entertained by a solar-powered band that cruised up and down Cours St. Jacques.

Part of Rachel's visit at 14 Rue du Four has been participating in Fergus's outings, which means discovering every unturned stone in Leran.


Anonymous said...

I love the solar powered band. I also took a picture of the pink shutters in Leran. Are the "color controllers" slipping in Leran?...Peggy

Anonymous said...

Wow! I can't remember the last time I saw colored toilet paper! It was SOOOOOO PINK!

Luke is cleaning her reading glasses to get a better look!

P.S. Rachel, your photos are lovely.