Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mastersingers in Leran

A couple of weeks ago the Mastersingers from Yorkshire were in town and we got to see them perform. One performance was in the beautiful surroundings and acoustic splendor of the church in the neighboring town of Camon. You can see most of the Mastersingers, minus the drummer and keyboard player. They did four performances and the last one was at Andy and Amanda Attenburrow's house/chambre d'hote/gallerie. The performance was followed by a fabulous dinner catered by Shirley from our the local bar, which now can be called bar and restaurant. Andy and Amanda's place is an amazing combination of a home, a garden, a performance hall and a bed and breakfast all rolled into one. Andy is a filmmaker and a teacher of filmmaking. Amanda is an accomplished artist and art teacher. They make their place available for special events like this. The Mastersingers perform a wide array of music, and from my untrained perspective, (I remember negro spirituals, hymns and some doo-wop covers of Frankie Valle and the Four Seasons), all masterfully done. May I direct you to their website:

The second photo is of our houseguests, Jenny and Becky, daughter and friend of one of the singers, occupying the children of another singer during the concert. The third photo is of the singers taken through the beautiful stained glass of the galerie. And the last is a couple of street urchins peeking in at the performance. Nancy got some beautiful pictures and I thought I'd take the opportunity to let you see them.

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