Saturday, August 9, 2008

Marche, 9 Aout Edition

Here are some photos of last night's Marche Nocturne Leran. This is what happens when you wander around, slightly off-kilter from too much wine, taking pictures. The little girl reading the French/English dictionary is Alan and Eileen's grandaughter having a problem with a big drunk man shoving a camera in her face. I also photographed Bill Jaye's daughter (Can't remember names); Bernie from Ireland; David and Chris West's grandson (Can't remember names): and David West and some charming young lady (Never learned her name).
I post these pictures mainly to drive my sister in Denver, Colorado crazy and urge her to come and join the fun.


Anonymous said...

You are making all your sisters jealous.

Anonymous said...

Done! You have succeeded. Vous avez accompli votre mission. I am driven crazy.
I have been so busy lately I just only caught up with the blog all the way back to July. I just love the picture of the wee lad Samuel, he looks a bit cheeky himself. And the pic of Ferg and his British cousins looking through the window is about as cute as it gets. I also think my brother must be quite enjoying having those fine looking young house guests in his midst.
I continue to be jealous and it just seems so ridiculous that my sisters and I can't come visit. Is there no rich family member left to croak who can leave us some money?
Votre soeur en Denver

Anonymous said...

P.S. Doug- Your photos do kind of look like you were drunk. Dammit all the more fun I missed! I know if I'd been there I know all those people's names and their back story.
Just send me a ticket, you need me.