Friday, August 8, 2008

Leran Has it All

Leran gets quality entertainment on a regular basis. Following this reptile and serpent show was the Toro Piscine, which seemed to consist of Spanish bulls and acrobatics (Don't ask, I didn't see it either). Two weeks ago it was the Mastersingers and tomorrow is the Leran'Cestral Spectacular and History Pagent. Something for every taste.

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Anonymous said...

The traveling circus came to town when we were in Vaison. I went by myself as the kids had taken a jaunt up to Italy for a couple of days. I was the only person over seven without a kid. I sat in the very front row with a bunch of five year old boys, one whose name was Romain, pronounced Romaing. He was really naughty, trying to touch the monkeys as they scampered by on the edge of the ring. I had as much fun as they did though. Leslie