Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Village of Leran

Today I bought a print of an aerial photo of the village of Leran. This is a photo of the photo so don't expect it to enlarge very well. Our house is located near the far right edge of the main cluster of buildings, inside of the old almost non-exsistant city walls. You can see the chateau in the upper right corner of the photo.


Harley said...

I loved seeing the aerial photo of Leran. It appears to be a charming village rather than a town. What is the population? Does that include you three?

North of Andorra said...

Harley---539 is the latest official census count I found, and I'm sure it doesn't count the like of us'uns (part-time interlopers) who clog up the parking spaces. For a few weeks during traditional annual French summer holidays, Leran's population seems to swell---kind of like Yellowstone. Then the tourists and 'summer people' leave, and it's a sleepy little village again.

Anonymous said...

Quel bel endroit a' vivre! Je souhaite que j'aie ete la'avec vous!

The accent marks are a little "punky" because Luke's computer doen't speak French!

As the "Queen of Transylvania" was fond of saying..."charming...charming"!