Sunday, August 24, 2008

Exploring and Glorying in Life

We met Anglela Murrills and Peter Matthews last year when they showed up at our Bon Voyage party. We hadn't met them yet but John and LeeAnn told them they would be more than welcome, and indeed they were. In fact, we were excited to finally meet them. We had read their book "Hot Sun, Cool Shadow", liked it a lot and passed it around amongst my sisters and some friends. The book is a beautiful exploration of this corner of France; the Languedoc, it's food, attractions and people.

And now, you will want to check out Angela's blog. It is really beautiful and it has a different focus than this blog, which I think everyone will agree is a good idea. While the overall theme might be food, Angela's description is"exploring and glorying in life in general". I'm excited because when we go home we can check in with people writing about France that are actually in France, rather than Moab.

They other thing they like to do, as we do, is seek out bargains at what we in the U.S. call a flea market. I took this photograph at the Vide Grenier in a neighboring town, and you can tell they are very serious bargain hunters.

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North of Andorra said...

OOPs. I'll change it to Peter Mathews and Anglea Murrills.