Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama's Been Biden His Time Long Enough

For those of you who choose to open up the NorthofAndorra website before your daily newspaper or turn on the radio---here's today's big news:

In the November election against John McCain, it will be Barack Obama and...........
Joe Biden, the long-standing (and some have said long-winded) senator from Delaware. We can debate til the cows come home whether or not this was the 'perfect' choice, but it's settled. And now it's on to the convention in Denver next week.

Personally, Doug and I were rooting for a darkhorse candidate---Governor Brian Schweitzer of Montana. Yes, little podunk Montana. But, and I don't say this lightly, watch this guy. It's not the last time you'll hear his name.


Anonymous said...

Scott and Laura Hendrix were over for dinner and one of the big topics of discussion was who Obama's running mate would be. I think we all concluded that Biden would be a good choice, and so it is.

Olga and her fiance, Daniel are coming out for dinner tonight. They leave in a few days for Romania where they will be married. Daniel's family is from there and it will be an easier distance for Olga's family to travel from Russia. They seem blissfully happy and we are thrilled for Olga.

Anonymous said...

Your title is a marvelous play on words...but I must admit I was a rabid Hillary fan and I'm still just a little disappointed...but this too shall pass!

Luke assumes you will be home in time to cast your ballot in November?