Monday, July 7, 2008

A Time to Fete

No matter how tiny the village in France and even if there are no other services, there will be a Mairie (mayor), La Poste, and a few fetes during July and August. The roadsides are dotted with hand-painted signs advertising the village-wide participation in vide grenier (yard sales), artisanal marche (artist market) or community dinners (repas) of paella, riz, vin, cafe et desert. Leran's Friday night Marche Gourmand is a masterful crowd-pleaser, drawing an audience from a large surrounding area. Last Friday, ironically the 4th of July, the long-awaited moment arrived.

With so much fete-icizing going on, I only want to share a few of the faces and scenes.....

My pharmacist from Chalabre. No drugs were requested or delivered at this time.

Eli, who lives around the corner, standing next to the Sandwichs board at Le Rendezvous Bar.

Cours St. Jacques lined with tables and satiated diners.

Pearl, looking a little uncertain in the back-seat of father Phillipe's (former owner of 14 Rue du Four) velo.

The wine seller, perhaps the most critical vendor.

Marc and friend Christina, posed in front of her photos for sale.

One of the best food vendors.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the picture of the "sandwich board"...the fact that I actually could translate a few of the sandwich ingredients made me feel really good about myself!

It looks like the weekly feasts will once again provide some good food and WINE and an opportunuty to practice a little French with your neighbors! It looks like everyone had a wonderful time!

Luke hopes that you will have a wonderful Bastille that you have finished celebrating the 4th of July and Fergus' birthday!