Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Stroll of the Bumblebees

They may have been dressed in yellow and black, but their sweet tones were a far cry from the sound of bumblebees. The Master Singers, all the way from Merry Olde England, serenaded the gastronomes at the Marche Gourmande Leran last evening. Under the brilliant stewardship of our neighbor Alan Simmons, the travelling troubadours will perform three more times before heading homeward. The groups' mixture of talented musicians and vocalists were well-received by the winers and diners. A nice addition to an already special night. Thanks Alan et al.

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Anonymous said...

Leran seems to be a very busy little town with a lot of community involvement. How much do the expats contribute to this? The visit by the Bumblebees looks as if it was a lot of fun. You guys really hit on a sweet little town. Leslie