Saturday, July 26, 2008

Surprise Car Show at Marche Noctune Leran

Well, it was a surprise to me anyway. I suppose it took a great deal of planning and forethought to pull this off. I did not like the guy on the tractor wearing my costume from last year's Spectacular. Friars do not belittle themselves doing farmwork. Monks, maybe, but not friars. But you have to love the image of the nun driving a little Citroen. A monk and a paysan on a tractor? I think this is a little suggestive of monastical hanky panky. What about you? Great photos by Nancy who is hardly ever without her little camera.

There were perhaps twenty or so old cars with costumed drivers. Or maybe it just seemed like twenty, because they went around twice. Last year the theme was the "sixties" with hippies, flower children and tie dyed duds. I'm still puzzled what this year's theme is. Maybe you can give us some ideas in the comment section?

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Anonymous said...

Clearly it is church folk. I think.