Thursday, July 10, 2008

Banking Update and Other News not Worthy of an Entire Post

You will be pleased to know, as we are, the 80 Euro is back in our account in Chalabre. We visited the bank on Tuesday and Violetta told us the bank over in Ariege would search through all the checks until our deposit was found and it would be mailed to them, Credit Agricole Languedoc. It would have already happened but for a postal holiday that had delayed the mail. Et, voila, when Nancy looked at our accounts on Wednesday, there it was.

In other news, Nancy has completed her tasks which were to finish the drywall in the new bathroom and then paint it. I have installed the backer board for the tile that goes around the bathtub and today I will put down the wood floor in the little room. Yes, we know wood is not the best choice for a bathroom floor. But we already have an abundance of it because a bunch was left in the house when we bought it. So wood it is.

We found a gaggle of ticks on poor Fergus and he was rushed to the lady veterinarian in Laroque d'Olmes for tick treatment. The ticks here in France are rather voracious and can infect a dog with a disease which I can't recall the name of. He got a dose of "Spot On" which will keep other ticks away, we hope. The treatment consists of applying an oily substance along his spine in five or six places.

And lastly, we just got a booking for this fall at our guest house in Moab. We just changed our management from a professional agency in Moab to...........Nancy and a website. So, we are encouraged. We were getting a little worried that we had not received any inquiries. But now we have a booking and we know the system works as planned.


Anonymous said...

Luke is glad you've gotten your money back into the correct bank! Now you can afford to feed Fergus and give him the necessary tick treatments! Fergus' presence in France has added a whole other area of discourse compared to last year's visit! It seems that he is having a pretty good time...except for the ticks!

Kate & Tony Euser said...

Actually Fergus probably got his ticks from the airplane!! There were ticks found on a United airline seat somewhere in the midwest! The flight couldn't take off and they had to get another plane!...Peggy