Thursday, July 31, 2008

High in the Pyrenees

We just returned from a brief visit to Spain and the section of the Pyrenees over near the Atlantic coast. Our route took us over a pass high up in the mountains where we crossed from Spain back into France, and then over another pass from one drainage into another. I suspect the roads were built mainly to access the ski stations (as they are called here) near the top. The road between France and Spain was quite respectable and accommodated two vehicles in opposite directions without problem. On the French side is a pass, called the Col d'Aubisque, and it was really not much larger than one lane with a white dotted line separating the two half lanes. Complicating the challenging driving conditions were numerous bicyclists, some maintenance with a track-hoe and a few campers that had to squeeze over for oncoming cars. At the top was a building, some vendors selling sweaters and woolens and these critters; a herd of cattle, two donkeys and a horse or two.


Anonymous said...

Is Luke crazy...or is that horse pregnant? That's a pretty "pudgy gut"...and sadly, I am an expert at pudgy guts!

Anonymous said...

Hey Doug and Nancy. I love reading about your travel. I have added your bog to my favorites and will check back often. We just got back from our annual trip to Oshkosh WS for the EAA air show. We camped under the wing for a week and had a good time. We flew 26.3 hours from the time we left the hanger and returned. We spent just under $1300 on fuel! We will be eating beans for a month or two until our budget can once again afford aviation fuel and food. I need to learn about making a bog page for the Wiley family. We are all well and getting older. Kaleigh started driving last month! Gary