Thursday, July 17, 2008

Men in Tights

To the untrained eye, this is what Le Tour de France looks like.

We were able to slow it down a bit, capture the leader of the pack and the laggards......

The route for Stage 12 from Lavelanet to Narbonne is 168.5 km. Once they got past Puivert and Quillan, it was a fast downhill course the rest of the way.

Just before the crash. It was Barloworld's Aussie racer Baden Cooke. He got back on the bike, but dropped out a few km later. We didn't get it on film, but this is the very spot it occurred. And these folks must have seen it.

Brit Mark Cavendish for Team Columbia won Stage 12. Team Columbia is a USA team. It's about time something is going right for the US.

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Anonymous said...

The first photo with the "blur of colors" is so absolute piece of modern art! Luke loves it!

Le Tour is so different than all the big sporting events in America...just a completely different psychology for the participants and the audience viewing the spectacle. I'm glad you got to watch part of the race again this year.

Have a great weekend. Catch you later.