Saturday, July 26, 2008

Good Times in Old Leran

Last night was another Marche Nocture Leran. Another unqualified success, to be sure. You can see some of the revelers having some fun. Nancy got a picture of the saucy sausage seller. The other two young ladies are our house guests. There is a concert this evening of the MasterSingers from Yorkshire, England. Our friend Alan Simmons arranged for some of his friends to put up the entourage and we had signed up for two folks, the drummer of the outfit, we think. Late yesterday there was an emergency substitution. The drummer was allergic to dogs (Fegus is a dog?). We were lucky enough to get Jenny and Becky instead. A fair trade, we think.


Anonymous said...

Your photos of this year's Marche Nocture Leran remind me of our attempts with your great assistance at several of the Taste of Bozeman dinners. What fun to just enjoy the meal and friends and not have to do the cooking! Judy

Anonymous said...

Becky and Jenny look fun as does the Marche Nocturn. Oh how I hope to attend a Marche Nocturn some day.