Thursday, July 3, 2008

Planning Ahea

The other day

when we went to the market in Mirepoix I noticed this strangeness on the entrance to the Cathedral. The first picture is of the doorway, the second picture is of the sculpture on the left hand side of the door. On the right side is some poor planning. They added a wall at some point in history. For what reason they didn't move the wall over two feet is beyond me. What they did was place the wall so that the outside of the wall went right through the middle of the sculpture.

My mind is clogged with questions that don't have answers yet. Couldn't they have removed the sculpture of the young fellow and placed it somewhre else? Are the sculptures of the same guy, or different guys? Did the one on the right fall into disfavor? Did he sleep with the Duke's wife or was he caught in bed with a little boy? Or did he just suffer some cosmic bad luck? Did they plan it this way or was it a royal screw-up. Did the builder or the architect create this mess? Did either of them get a visit to the guillotine? Am I the first in all of history to notice this strange anomaly? Or, is this the first stop on the Cathedral tour, where the tour guide explains every thing in excruciating detail?

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Anonymous said...

You guys notice the most bizarre things! Maybe some structural problem...the wall was in a state of imminent collapse...and there was no time to move poor "Mr. Right Side Guy"...or he was evil and needed to be hurt! HA!

What Luke likes best are the "poofy buttons/decorations" down the front of their shirts...just the thing I'd love to wear! HA!