Sunday, July 13, 2008

Slow but Steady Wins the Race

It's not really a race but we'd like to be done with the third floor bathroom so that it can be used by guests who are coming, sooner or later. And we'd like to be done so that we can resume being tourists instead of home renovators. In the first picture you can see what we started with this summer; some plumbing done last year just before we left. You can go back to June and the post "Work in Progress" to see the beginning stages. Nancy has finished the walls with a fresh coat of paint on top of the drywall finishing job she'd done last week. I laid the wood floor a few days ago and Nancy is putting a coat of urethane on it as I write. We have the sink, the sink cabinet and need to acquire a toilet (WC) before our plumber comes again. The tub is set and awaits a surround, a tile job on the walls, and an enclosure. There is a lot more to do; we need to finish the outside walls, hang a mirror and a cabinet and, of course, set the tile. Back in Moab, I'd said it would take a month and we are just a few days short of that. Now, I think.......two more weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Luke likes the wood seems so appropriate to the space. I continue to be amazed that you take "nothing" and make "something" out of it!