Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pictures of Progress

You have to go back to last year to see what this third floor space looked like when we bought it in 2007. In our first summer here we built a bedroom in one third of the floor space, and last year we constructed a bathroom. This year's task was to finish the remaining third of it. Here's the link so you don't have to search through all of the blog. and here: Enlarge the third floor pictures by clicking on them.

The photo below is Nancy a few weeks ago putting the lime plaster on the wall underneath the window. All the existing walls needed a new coat of plaster and it was quite time consuming and many buckets of plaster carried up the three floors. Notice the difference between the old stone and plaster on the left side and the new plaster on the right.And below, is the same window after Nancy had finished lime plastering and gave it a couple coats of a light yellow lime wash. We'd just started to put down the new flooring. To any of those of you who think you might detect a certain pitch to the floor, yes, you would be right. The floor is neither flat nor level. C'est la vie. It is now at least sturdy and doesn't bounce with weight.

Here is the floor with just a few planks remaining to be set and nailed. The lime wash has since dried and evened out to a nice pale yellow. Because it's still wet in this picture, it looks rather splotchy. The floor has since been stained and finished to match the other floorboards in the foreground.

And here is Nancy, just this morning, putting concrete between the window frame and the window opening. One of the few tasks remaining for this new room is to plaster and paint the window opening area.

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Anonymous said...

What an incredible amount of work! You never cease to amaze me! You should be very proud of yourselves! The accommodations are ***** (five star)! I'm sure the Michelin Guide would agree with me.

Happy 4th of July...and happy Bastille Day later this month.