Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dancing in Fanjeaux

My sister Peggy, brother-in-law Tony, and niece Kate, arrived Monday evening from Paris. Yesterday broke cool and rainy and they were a little jet-lagged and trying to decompress from several whirlwind days in the City of Lights.

We set off for Mirepoix in the rain, to see the couverts, walk around the village and look into the cathedral. A little before noon it was decided to find a restaurant that could do a good lunch, so we set off for Fanjeaux, a few miles away. We walked into the little place just a few minutes before the rush began.
I saw this poster on the wall and I mentioned to Nancy, “That’s the reason I don’t dance.” Maria, our maitre’d, jumped in front of me, put out her arms out for a few twirls around the floor. All in good fun but any longer and the dance might have turned into serious injury.

Kate and I were brave enough to order the prix fixe meal that included a Cassoulet. Tony ordered just the cassoulet, and Nancy and Peggy went for the Salade de Chevre Chaud.

The cassoulet arrived and it was big enough for two people. When I say the cassoulet arrived, I mean three of them arrived and each one was big enough for two people. Maria, the owner and server stopped by to see how we were doing with our repas. Kate was struggling and hadn’t made much of a dent in her large bowl of beans and duck and sausage. Maria gestured for Kate to stand up and after a few confusing moments (we thought perhaps Maria was going to sit down and eat some of the cassoulet) Kate stood and Maria showed her how to jump up and down and compress the beans in the lower regions of her stomach. The entire restaurant erupted into laughter and Kate was a good sport, but I think embarrassed at the attention.

In any case it was a fabulous meal and we all left full and satisfied and ready for naps.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! I have been waiting for the appearance of Kate in the blog! Seriously, I wish I could be there and tonight I walked to a French bistro nearby for dinner... Can't wait to hear more! :) Love, Anna

Anonymous said...

Oh Kate- how do the beans feel when they are more compressed?? I bet that feels good. I wish I was there too with you all. Dan and I also went out to dine at a French restaurant recently and enjoyed moules and a steak avec poivre verte. Tres bon! Hope you guys are having fun! When does the Tour de France come your way? We need real coverage soon!!
Ant Amy