Sunday, July 5, 2009

Doug's Worst Nightmare

Someone must have laced the bubbly with toxic chemicals at the 4th of July party on Saturday. There he was, Dubya himself. The swagger in his walk, the Texas drawl, the incoherent sentences---it had to be him. But in Leran? Then the mask fell drooped to reveal Peter Matthews, a fellow North American (Canadian to be exact) impersonating the reviled former leader. He admitted his internet scheme, downloading a photo so precisely that the eye slits matched up perfectly. Seeing where you are going is somewhat essential factor for perfecting the "W" swagger. Thanks, Peter, for giving us the shock of our lives, and providing some additional cocktail conversation.

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Anonymous said...

With the tour coming to your neighborhood I want to know where you will be to watch and how we will recognize you all at the roadside.