Thursday, July 9, 2009

Why France is Amazing

Yesterday we made an excursion to Peyrepertuse, which we have been to before and we've shown you here. On the way back we took a new road to see some new country. Lo and Behold! We stumbled on the Gorges of Galamus. We had no idea it was there. We were stopped by a red light and some guardians because it was one way traffic and we had to wait for ten minutes for our turn to go. The road had been carved out of limestone cliffs and some corners required a very small turning radius. Down in the bottom of the gorge were funseekers of all types. Wetsuits, swimsuits, kayaks and the like. I personally was stunned. No one had told us about the Gorges, we hadn't read a thing in any of the tourist literature, but there they were in all their glory. Deep, narrow and with a religious hermitage halfway down the cliffside. It's hard to get pictures unless you go on foot, and we were trying to get back to Leran to get Fergus ASAP. So I have had to steal some pictures off the internet. It will require another trip at another time to get photos of our own and to learn more about the place. I hope you are able to enlarge these photos by clicking on them.

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Anonymous said...

omg. I wish I was there!! SSalter