Sunday, February 4, 2007

On the Rue du Four, Leran

I hope Alan and Eileen Simmons like us because we are probably buying this house just a few doors down from them.

The pictures show the exterior, taken on a cold winter morning and some of the first floor, and one of the unfinished third floor. The present owner exposed all the beautiful old stone work and the original beams and joist and rafters ( le chevron). The kitchen is nice and open and well equipped. The picture of the third foor shows unfinished walls, unfinished floor and the light from the skylights through the new roof. It's a blank canvas which we will need to finish. It already has hot and cold water pipes and a sewer connection up there so plumbing another bathroom will be relatively easy....the decision is to leave it open or break it up into rooms.


leslie said...

Oh, mon, Dieu, c'est formidable! Make sure the range hood and the washing machine stay. See the following post, I am out of order. Do they use they colors on the outside of the buildings there? The pinks and reds and yellows of Provence. I would also like to comment on the fact that M. and Mme, Dwight Reid are finally in the south of France. At one time, when mom was working as a travel agent she told me she wanted to retire to the north of Italy, but I have always known that the south of France was for her. I don't think they ever got farther south than Lyons which was a shame. How do they pronounce Dwight? I would love to hear it.

leslie said...

You might mention that one needs to click the orange and blue bar at the bottom of the comment section when the comment is ready to post. I am sure that there are one or two as slow as I am.

Noah said...

They pronounce Dwight like this " Dweet."

dah-veed said...

if the place feels spacious and open to doug then it must feel like radio city music hall to the average sized human...great find!
i love the stone thresholds and exposed joists.

p.s. they say noah like this "dork"
xxoo -dro

Peggy said...

Bonjour - Have you done the deal? Looks like a perfect spot with the right amount of existing charm and fixer upper potential. Bonne chance mes amies!

Noah said...

David thinks he is funny, but we will see how funny he is when he is surrounded by French people who are trying to pour sparkling wine down his throat to distract him from the fact that they are trying to steal the doorknobs. Actually that would be pretty funny.