Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Calm Between the Storms

We're resting up. The other day we got Kate off to the airport at Toulouse. She had a 7:30 am flight. It meant getting up very early and making the hour and a half drive to Blagnac to get her there an hour before the flight.

We're also resting up from our trip to Venice. It was hot, hot and hot. A long drive both ways so we need to rest up. We're also resting up from several weeks of solid tourist activities with my family. One night we had Tony, Peggy, Kate, Noah and Kari all fed and bed. A record for our short tenure in Leran. It was absolutely wonderful to see a whole bunch of my family here in Leran. Most enjoyable, but you know how it is when your family is with you. It's busy, busy, busy all the time.

And were resting up because in a few days the next group arrives, Jim and Vicki, friends from Moab will be here for a short week's stay. They have done all or part of a circumnavigation around Mont Blanc. We'll find out how it went in a few days. And as you can imagine, they are very energetic folks. Will they want to rest up from their long walk, or will they be ready to see all the sights? We don't know. But we'll be ready because we're resting up for it.

Bill and Kathy arrive in a few weeks and we've got to get rested up from Jim and Vicki's visit and get ready for their visit. Bill is an old high school and college friend of mine and I've known Kathy for almost as long. It will be really good to see them and show them around our neck of the woods. I think they will enjoy meeting all our friends in Leran, and I know Bill and I will spend a fair amount of money and time in Marek's bar. There are lots of restaurants to visit, markets to explore, wineries to see and new places to discover with them. So we've got to rest up.

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