Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wandering Around Leran with a Camera

I got a little bored this afternoon and rather than do my French homework, I decided to wander around Leran and take some photos. For you folks in the good old United States who have never been here it might serve as a travelogue of sorts. If you live in Leran, you will probably ask, "Why did he take those pictures?" And the answer is: Because I could.

  • Starting at the top:

  • There are a number of these small shrines scattered around town. This one is across from the church.

  • The date, 1813, is above a doorway on a abandoned building, of which there are more than a few. It indicates to me when a lot of the building took place in this town.

  • Next, is a house Mathilde liked when she was here. It's for sale and I'll give you the number if you ask.

  • The kitty was poking it's head out of a window around the corner from our house. I couldn't resist.

  • And again right around the corner from us is the River Touyre. I could throw a rock into it if I could get it over the houses across the street. It has an ancient stone bridge crossing it which give access to the Chateau du Leran. And in the river are many fish, big and little.

  • And right on the main drag is and old building that has the appearance of and old garage or auto repair facility. Apparently, when someone dies, often times their property sits for years while the heirs, which can be a number of people, decide whether to dispose of it or keep it or fix it up. It's part of what gives France it's charm, and while disturbing at first, it grows on you----having relics next door or around the corner. There can be near-abandoned buildings next to going concerns.

  • And lastly, another shrine. This one is right outside of Nigel and Barbara's house and to my knowledge, they are not responsible for maintaining it.


Anonymous said...

I think the cat has those big green eyes wide-open because he/she is thinking about all those fish in the river! Yum! Yum!

Seeing that 1813 date got me to thinking that the building was there before Napoleon "met his Waterloo" in 1815! It always amazes me how these old buildings and furnishings will see more history pass before them than I ever give me a shiver down my spine when I really think about it...all those other feet that have trod upon the roads and all the human emotions that have been expressed in those's all just amazing to me!

Since Luke has used most of her vacation this year...I want to thank you for letting me take a "virtual vacation" to France this summer. Through your eyes I have seen so many sights...and enjoyed them so much! Maybe one of these days I will be able to see the sights "in person"...I hope!

nancy said...

Luke, all your inquisitive, humorous, inciteful, and generously complementary comments have given us food for thought as we write our posts. We appreciate your interest and participation and if you don't get your butt over here some day soon, we'll have to drag it. And in lieu of vacation, I could just call you in sick. HA!