Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tour de France, Part III: The Racers

One hundred sixty-five riders in the 14th stage of Le Tour de France. An elite group at the forefront wizzes by about five minutes ahead of the pack. Thunderous ovations for all.
One hundred twenty-nine and a half kilometers to go.
The crowd disperses.


Anonymous said...

First the leaders "whoooooosh" past...and I feel high excitement!! Then the "crowd disperses" and I feel like a deflated balloon...so many emotions in such a short time! Whew!!

And just when I was "getting my wind back"...I see that one of the top contenders has a "transfusion" and his whole team quits...I can't handle so much "drama" on the same day!

Life in France is just "too much" for Luke! HA!

Well, M. Doog and Mme Nancy, you are now part of the history and saga of the Tour de France...do you feel like going for a bike ride in the mountains now? I'm sure you must be totally inspired!

Thanks for the "virtual trip" to see all those "dopey bikers"! My summer has been so much more exciting than I expected!

Anonymous said...

Madeleine and I like the yellow car with the bike racer on the roof. You guys should try to go watch a stage in the mountains, that is what I would want to do if I was there. I think when they are climbing a hill is when you really see the athleticism of the racers, plus they do go slower so you can see them breathing hard, and all their muscles. oooh all their muscles...:) I think the Tour de France is the angle I can use when convincing Dan that we need to come to France, he would love to spectate the tour.Well, just know that my jealous streak continues...
Votre Soeur, Amy