Thursday, July 19, 2007

A La Marche dans Mirepoix

I met these three young mademoiselles at the Mirepoix Market on Monday. Daphne, Rochelle et Blanche and they were all very smartly dressed. I talked to them for awhile and I believe they said they were from Paris. The other photos are of Nancy's favorite vegetable stall, a shot of the center of the market with the Mirepoix cathedral in the background, a lady selling les oeufs (which I now know is pronounced...layzoo) and of course, a monsieur in a beret. Click on the photos to enlarge.


Anonymous said...

I am very fond of Daphne's "beehive" hairdoo...tres chic! Luke is totally jealous that she cannot manage to be as glamorous as Daphne, Rochelle et Blanche! I guess you just have to be French to have that "natural glamour"! HA!

I am also very fond of the old gent with the beret...does he have a New Year's date?

Anonymous said...

How much for a bulb of garlic at the market?

Your pix of the public markets are appetizing!

nancy said...

I have bought braided strands of garlic with 4 or 5 bulbs for about 4 Euros. And tied up with a pretty ribbon!