Thursday, July 26, 2007

Never on Sunday

The bill for Doug's pouce arrived the other day, much quicker than the 18 months we were expecting. But then, the annual August shutdown is only days away, so no doubt every office worker is being asked to sacrifice a few minutes of their 150 minute lunch to crank out a few extra letters and invoices. Oh, probably not.

As you can see, the total is 55.48 Euros. This includes the doctor, nurse, and medical supplies and equipment. Doug was in the urgence at the hospital for more than an hour, soaked in a large tub of betadine, was carved on for a considerable time and sullied vast amounts of gauze. The specialist's fee was only 23 Euros---when was the last time you went to a doctor for a surgical procedure (without insurance) for $30? So it seemed that the 55.48 Euros charge was considerably less than if we had made a trip to the ER in the States.

Then I noticed the heading "Majoration Dimanche" on the bill and realized that there was a Sunday increase! And a sizeable percentage at that. I guess the moral of the story is never schedule your emergencies on universal closure day.


Anonymous said...

Well Doog, I guess you're going to have take a "day of rest" on you won't have to go to the emergency room on Sundays and have your bill nearly doubled! The irony is that even with the bill nearly's still "dirt cheap" by American standards!

Try not to hurt yourself during August when everyone is on vacation...the bill might skyrocket!

leslie said...

What if we could set up a little country and take elements we like from different countries and then live happily ever after? I think I wrote a term paper for Mr. I can't remember his last name at the mo, ah yes, Richard Jordan. It was US History but we had studied ancient civilizations, monarchies, dictatorships and the like, in order to understand the US Gov't. He asked us to set up our own government, economy etc, that was one paper I had fun doing.

Love, Leslie

Anonymous said...

Not that this has anything to do with you guys but I just wanted to tell Leslie that I had Mr. Jordan too in highschool and he was my favorite teacher in highschool. He was the teacher who said "What if we are just a flea on the pubic hair of a giant?" Just one of those things I'll never forget