Monday, July 9, 2007

Just a Few Photos I Like

I did not place these images with any particular forethought so don't read anything into the juxtapositions. These photos are from the week that Mathilde was visiting us. The nuns were at a brocante fair in the town of Fanjeaux, not too far from Mirepoix. I believe the mannequin bust is also from that brocante fair. Mathilde is posing next to another mannequin in a set of stocks. Mathilde appears very pensive as if trying to duplicate the facial expression of the poor gentleman. The third photo of a mannequin (maybe there is a theme here) is in Carrcassonne pitching t-shirts. Now, below the little fellow in his Carcassonne t-shirt are a couple of pictures of Monstegur. The purpose of the photos is to highlight the position of the fortress on the volcanic pug, and to make you wonder at the effort it took to build it and how difficult it was to attack. Nancy is shown taking pictures at Monstegur and there is a shot from the square in the town of Montreal, which is near Fanjeaux, and is looking northeast off towards Carcassonne.


Anonymous said...

Luke loves the shiny purple dress with the turquoise corn rows...tres chic! Ah, how I yearn for the stress-free life of a high-fashion mannequin! HA!

leslie said...

Les photos sont tres belles, Didier. J'imagine pas comment ils ont porte les materiaux a la haut de la montagne. C'est incroyable, ca. Tes projects sont simple en comparison, n'est-ce pas? Mais, je sais que tes projets ne sont pas simple. I watched a great movie last night, but it on your list for French films. It's called the Science of Sleep by Michel Gondry. It has a lot of dream sequences that were filmed without fancy special effects. It has a lot of French and English, you can put the subtitles in French or English to get what you need. Be sure to watch the commentary and the how they made the film. In the commentary they speak primarily English but one fellow follows the conversation and then speaks in French and then they all slip into French for a little while and then back to English. I like to watch movies in French and use the English subtitles or vice versa. If you listen to the French and have the French subtitles it gets confusing, the French voice is timed with the English words and is not exactly what the subtitles are.

HEY!! What about La Tour de France? It is coming to your neck of the woods.

Judy said...

Nancy; How do you know the temperatures in Bozeman? Do you get the Bozeman Chronicle online? How do you do that?
Lisa and her family drove back to Bakersfield from their "summer house" in Odell, Ne this past weekend and went through the area in Utah with the fires...had to detour on a bunch on old 2-lane roads!
In the house-building/house-remodeling genre...they(and I do mean "they" not us) are starting to frame our house in Omaha this week. All we do in the whole scheme of things is to select stuff...flooring,, wall colors, cabinetry, lighting etc. So many things to pick out it is dizzying some days, but also fun.
Ron has sorta lost his focus on details and making choices so it is up to me. I just hope that there is not a giant 'whoops' in the end result. Judy

nancy said...

La Tour de France IS coming our way...I think it's the 14th Stage on July 22. A post forthcoming on the route, etc.....

With regard to know the weather in Bozeman and other places, I just go to WeatherUnderground at, plug in the zipcode or city name and voila!