Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Wampy or the Horrible Life of Mexican Dogs

We made a visit to an antiques dealer yesterday, who used three Dobermans as night duty guards.  Outside the fence was a dog house and I was unsure whether it was for sale or not.  The antiques themselves were in quite a disarray so it was not out of line to be confused.

The Dobermans were on the inside of the grounds, on chains and in cages.  They didn't like Fergus at all.  But...back to the beginning.  I had noticed the dog house had a name, "Wampy", painted on the outside and I wondered briefly whether it was a misspelling of Wimpy. What did it mean?

"Welcome" and "Come in" are painted on the colorful wall.  As I was leaving I decided to take a picture of the large grinding wheel.  I am going to assume it was once used in corn flour mill to grind dried corn, of which a lot is grown in these parts.  As I got closer what did I see but Wampy herself. (Not that I'm sure of the gender of the critter.  Just a feeling.)

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Peggy said...

Aww, he/she looks cute. But will probably grow up to be a mean SOB if he/she is working there.