Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Suburbs of San Miguel

We've settled in to our beautiful house for the month of July and I thought everyone, especially my family, would appreciate some photos of the place.  First let me reassure those who doubted our plan that going south from Tucson, we could find cooler weather in of all places....Mexico.  Well, the city of Mexico D.F. is known for having a climate of eternal springtime, and San Miguel is no different.  The high temperature has been something like 75F and we've had cool nighttime sleeping weather.  We've had sun, fog and rain, lightning, sideways rain, mostly sun.  But the fact remains, the elevation is around 6300 ft. or 1900 meters, and the air is mostly dry and cool. Our strategy has actually worked and we've left the heat of Tucson behind.  We'll see what the future brings.

So...on to the house.
The house is ivy covered and has a beautiful front door, the whole package worthy of southern France.  The courtyard, one of several, is/are filled with plants, trees flowers of all kinds and there is always a sunny space and a shady one where one can sit and soak up the ambiance.

The roof is another space for sun or shade, and has spaces to dine, do yoga (no, not me),
  and even a small kitchen area.  The cupola lets light into the bedroom below. The nice tree shades the lower courtyard.

I didn't take any pictures of the interior, but I will post some, once the maid comes and cleans up the mess we've made with our belongings, food shopping and general sloth.

But of course, as in a lot of Mexico, the problem lies with the neighborhood.  I always thought little of zoning laws, neighborhood covenants, but I never ignored the benefits of an established neighborhood.  Out here in the suburbs of San Miguel, it is an empty canvas.  The road is unpaved and eroded, the neighbors haven't yet finished their dream homes, construction material and trash lies about. Well, it needs work, but in the meantime, we're loving our situation and the weather.  Tomorrow we head into beautiful San Miguel for some culture, coffee, lunch, and a cold beer.

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Anonymous said...

The house looks fantastic! In Todos Santos on the outskirts I marveled at the same thing, beautiful houses but terrible roads, trash, construction, etc. but that does not imply that it is unsafe necessarily or that your neighbors aren't lovely. Amy