Thursday, July 13, 2017

Mexican Man Builds Beautiful Wall with Beautiful Door

We ran across this gentleman building a wall outside of San Miguel.  It was beautiful, and excellent work.  But judging by his lack of friendliness, I think it was a wall to keep North Americans out of San Miguel. And I can't say I blame him one bit. 

We went into central San Miguel, the beautiful historic portion (Centro) to take care of some business with the Colorado Dept. of Revenue from 2012.  We needed to print out some documents and send them off to Denver. So we went to an office services business....think Mailboxes Etc.  If a person wanted to meet Americans you could do no better than hang out at La Connexcion for a few hours.  People were receiving their mail, sending faxes, wiring money, using the computers and the internet, and they were all Americans or perhaps Canadians. And they were all white, in their sixties and climbing. (Like us.)

This business of being a resort town, a very attractive resort town, has it's ups and downs.  The rich Anglos (and Mexicans from Mexico D.F.) buying up the nice properties, are goosing the economy and providing work for everyone.  But sleepy San Miguel is no more.  People are everywhere, and it is said 10% are North Americans.  Diesel smog, taxis, busses, work crews, maids, vendors, scooters, bicycles, four-wheelers, all converge on Centro and it's a madhouse. When we visited seven years ago we could not have predicted the growth and it's been going on since a little after WWII.  What's not to like?  It's a beautiful, colonial town, with nice cool weather year round, or eternal springtime, as they like to say. So it is better than being in a oil boomtown in North Dakota.

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Anonymous said...

Wonder how much Drumpf would charge him for it?
As always, your photos and wit make me wish I was there with you... but I don't have 5 days off in awhile!