Saturday, July 8, 2017

From our Photo Files

A waiter, waiting for the lunch rush to begin.  In San Miguel de Allende on the Plaza Jardin.
 A nice lady eating an elote because I asked her to take a bite for my camera.  An elote is corn on the cob, roasted on a grill, salted and buttered and served on a stick. This was in Dolores Hidalgo today.  Dolores Hidalgo is the birthplace of the Mexican War of Independence in 1821, and there are numerous statues of the participants, chief among them, Benito Juarez and Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, fathers of the movement.

Here is the elote stall with the vendors preparing their product.  Pretty simple.


Peggy said...

That is a pretty compact unit he has there for making the tasty treat.

Anonymous said...

The people seem so friendly! Which is no surprise. Amy