Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Trip to the Cascades de Roquefort

We went out for a little journey yesterday and happened by the Cascades de Roquefort.  We made the detour because we had remembered them from some tourist brochure we had seen.  What we expected to see is along the lines of what you see below.

A geological curiosity natural

Over thirty meters in height, the cascade phenomenon produced a rare and very fragile: a tufa. A geological curiosity natural, or tufa waterfall is formed petrifying tuff, limestone powder and friable, white to beige. Water sources of Turasse being particularly limestone, tuff deposited on mosses and pieces of wood in the form of a crust. the disappearance of the plant debris by fermentation gives in part the rock porous texture reminiscent of a sponge.

Attention, careful not to step on these courses extremely fragile but the paths which bypass.

Waterfalls throughout the seasons:
In autumn and spring (when rainfall and snowmelt), this succession of cascades is a magnificent spectacle.
In winter, the frozen waterfalls are worth a look.
In summer, they do not leak, but the site and its exuberant vegetation worth the trip. 

Well, it's a little convoluted having been poorly translated into English, but what we learn is that it's limestone which is soluble in water, you are not supposed to walk on it due to how fragile it is and it's quite a spectacle, a natural curiosity.

And what we found was this.  The cascades don't "leak" during protracted dry spells, they are still made of limestone and kids don't pay any attention to the literature and walk all over the fragile "courses".

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