Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Things I See at the Market

We've been back in France for a little over a week and not much has happened.  We've been trying to recover from the long five day drive from Montrose to Montreal, jet lag and then the heat and humidity here.  We had planned to go to the Mirepoix market last Monday, but we just didn't have enough energy to make it happen.  This week, we were there bright and early.  As usual, I noticed things.
 For instance, a little dog sitting on the top shelf of a vendor.  I don't know what the story is.  Did he jump up there himself, or was he placed up there to keep him out of trouble?   Whatever, he's a cute little bugger.

I saw this mannequin just shortly after seeing the little dog.  It had a surprising appearance, somewhat like Margaret Thatcher.  Upon closer inspection I realized that I was looking at the backside of the mannequin, with the sun shining through from the other side.  I was looking at the concave side of the object, the unfinished plastic side.

Here is what it looked like from the front with chipped paint and 50's like countenance.  Tres belle, from both sides. 

Notice the chalkboard menu placed outside the restaurant, where soon customers will have lunch outside in the fresh air and sunshine.  Tucked away in the corner is a little handwritten sign advertising their willingness to attempt to speak English.  Truth in advertising.  No "English Spoken Here" or "We Are Snooty, Speak French".  It looked like a wonderful place.  The owner unlocked the door as I was standing there taking the photos.  He had armed himself with bagloads of fresh produce from the teeming market outside his door.  We must try it soon.
And of course, someone brings a goat to the market, why I don't know.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, bonjour! So good to see you are back in France. I read from today's post backwards to this one so I am commenting out of order. I love the market photos, the Cascades (what the heck?), your right hand drive car( how scary), young Piccolo. You know- I love all of it and wish I was there.
Now I have two siblings currently in France, this just doesn't seem fair!