Thursday, August 30, 2012

Live and Learn

We are very used to sitting down at a restaurant in the U.S. and without asking if they take credit cards, order and consume.  This can be a bad habit in France.  Last year we found out the hard way, some restaurants only accept "Paiement Cheque our Especes" meaning in cash or by check.

We ran into trouble again yesterday in Foix.  Luckily, yesterday, the bank was just around the corner.

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Linda said...

It's funny that you mention this, because I recently had a visitor to Livingston complain to me that neither the bookstore (Sax and Fryer's) nor the restaurant they had eaten at (Pinky's) take credit cards. Since those were the only two businesses they had tried to spend money in while in Livingston, they were sure that the whole town is hopelessly stuck in the twentieth century. I did not disabuse them of that notion.

Other big news from Montana: a big fire is burning up Pine Creek in the Absarokas. All the beetle-killed pines are going up like torches. It is only about 9 miles from Livingston at this point. It burned right past the Pine Creek Cafe and down to the river. The cafe had its propane tanks burned up, but the buildings survived thanks to firefighters' efforts. Five houses burned up the first day of the fire. Evacuations in Paradise Valley. Fire is now heading north toward Livingston Peak subdivision.