Saturday, June 30, 2007

Two French Gentlemen

Two French gentleman stood at the back of our pick-up looking at the sticker on the rear window. The older of the two gentlemen, whose name I believe is Camille, can barely see and speaks no English whatsoever, and at times I think he is fairly deaf. He has probably seen more than 80 summers here in Leran. The other old duffer was in his late 60's or perhaps his 70's, and it seemed he spoke pretty good English.
I did not want this blog to become political in any way but this incident was too precious to pass up. Anyway, the sticker in question is this one to the left. We display one on both of our trucks and Nancy and I put them on back in 2004 after the election. The sticker arrived in Barcelona in good shape with the rest of the truck and has been puzzling the French ever since.
So......Camille and the other old fellow (whom I will call Jean-Paul, because it seems almost every French guy is Jean-something) were standing behind the truck. Jean-Paul was reading the sticker in English, saying "Monsieur Booosh....." and translating the rest into French for Camille. They both nodded sagely and then Jean-Paul said in the most perfect English "I quite agree."


Harley said...

Je suis d'accord avec ton jugement de Bush!

sarah alexander said...


Anonymous said...

I quite agree with "Jean Paul"! Bush is a bozo!

I have returned from my "hospital vacation" very tired...but able to report it appears my mother will live through this health crisis despite the ministrations of 7 doctors who frequently can't agree on what should be done next!

Luke is back to being a "Charlestonite" once again!

Potts, Linda, Mary Kay, Carolyn and Liz also send greetings to Madame Nancy in Leran!

Noah said...

That made Noah laugh out loud. Well told. Noah approves.